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What Lawn Mower Do I Need?

What Lawn Mower Do I Need?

Depending on the size of your lawn, there are various types of lawn mowers that you might consider when choosing the mower that will fulfill your lawn care needs. When examining your lawn, be sure to take note of the size, its curvature, up hills & down hills, tight spaces and the topography of your land that will influence what kind of mower will get the job done. From sizing to cutting strength, there is a mower out there that is made for you!

Let's take a look at the base model types of lawn mowers; Reel Mowers, Walk-Behind Push Mowers, & Ride-On Mowers.

Reel Mowers

GreenWorks Reel Mower

Manual lawn mowers or otherwise known as reel mowers are a great option to consider if you have a small and easy to maintain yard. Due to its manual nature, there is no need for power cords, batteries, or gasoline. All you need, is some good ol' fashioned elbow grease.

As the user pushes the reel mower, a set of rotating blades spins against a fixed blade providing a mowing action that is similar to a pair of barber scissors. Reel Mowers are able to give a more precise and cleaner cut than that of traditional mowers.

However, reel mowers are limited due to the fact that it can’t handle tall grass as efficiently and may require more passes when using this model Yet, sometimes precision and cut control may benefit you. For example, many golf courses will implement a more advanced version of your standard reel mower to get those greens in shape for play due to its precision and scissor-like action.

In terms of handling grass clippings, reel mowers often come with an optional "grass catcher". This will allow users to capture grass clippings as they go without having to backtrack to clean up the clippings.

Walk-Behind Mowers

Walk Behind Push Mower

Walk-Behind Push Mowers are your most known style of lawn mowers. Available in either gas or electric, these units are your average user's go to mower. An ideal option for your everyday home owner and even up to land owners with yards up to 1/2 acre in size. Walk-Behind Push Mowers can provide the right power needed to maintain your lawn. When maximum mobility and keen maneuverability is required, Walk-Behind Push Mowers can add to your arsenal of lawn and garden equipment. One must consider the various benefits of choosing either Gas Push Mowers or Electric Push Mowers.

If you are considering having more power a Gas Push Mowers might be what you are looking for. However if you are considering being eco-friendly and quieter than the might want to take a look at Electric Push Mowers. 

Gas Mowers

With Gas Push Mowers, the most evident advantage is that the user will have the ability to mow their lawn without worrying about the need for any extension cords or loss of power. With gasoline as a fuel source, Gas Push Mowers allow any user to move wherever lawn-care is required. A viable option when cutting uphill or downhills or cutting around obstacles, the gas-powered mower can provide mowing speed and performance.

When it comes to power Gas Push Mowers, provide the maximum of cutting power which will benefit you if you are handling taller grass. The available power will be beneficial because it allows you to smoothly cut the grass line by line without staggering due to loss of power.

One thing to keep in mind is that certain gas mowers require certain fuel sure to follow any manufacturer requirements and read the manual for tips on maintaining your machine.

Electric Mowers

With Electric Push Mowers, there are different aspects to consider as well in comparison to the standard gas mower. Electric mowers are becoming the new force in landscaping and lawn-care; available corded and non-corded. Electric mowers are becoming the new go to source of cutting power. Some things to take note of is that battery operated mowers require eventual re-charging whereas corded mowers do not. Where corded mowers provide in sustained power, they lack in terms of mobility.

As the most eco-friendly of Mowers, Electric Push Mowers not only use clean power but also emit less ozone damaging emissions while keeping a relatively low volume frequency (We're sure your neighbor will thank you). With some manufacturers designing top of the line batteries, some Electric Push Mowers are starting to rival Gas Push Mowers in terms of cutting power and cutting speed. As technology continues to progress, the more eco-friendly and quieter Electric Push Mowers may soon be the most wanted variation of Lawn Mower.

When operating an electric mower, please keep in mind manufacturer's requirements, safety of usage, and specifications for compatible batteries or extension cords to ensure proper usage and user safety.

In Summary, when purchasing a mower, please keep in mind some of these aspects when determining what style will best suit your lawn. Whether you are a groundskeeper at the most pristine country club or performing your weekly maintenance at the home. A lawnmower is an essential piece of your landscaping and lawncare arsenal that you don't want to be without! Check out all our lawn mowers here.

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