Honda EU7000IS 7000-Watt Super 120/240-Volt Quiet Light Weight inverter Generator

by Honda
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  • The Honda EU7000is generator incorporates the company's first application of electronic fuel injection into the design of a generator, resulting in greater fuel efficiency, extremely easy starting without the need for a choke, and longer running times than the EU6500is model it replaces.
  • It can operate for six hours per tankful of gas at rated load or an estimated 18hrs at 1/4 load. This allows the generator to realize a 25% increase in run time and a 20% increase in fuel economy over the outgoing EU6500is model.
  • 7000 VA of enhanced commercial grade electricity with the wave form distortion factor of less than 2.5%; performance exceeds liquid cooled generator models known for quietness and reliability.
  • Accomplished through a separate triple chamber construction, a centralized intake/exhaust system and the Eco-Throttle design; these features all contribute to an operating noise level of 60 dB.
  • Honda inverter technology, designed to power computers and sensitive electronic equipment that demand consistent electrical current with a stable sine wave or signal.
  • The iMonitor digital display provides helpful information such as hours of use, performance data, battery charging status and other on-board diagnostics.
  • Dry weight of 262 pounds only two pounds heavier than the Honda EU6500is generator.
  • The EU7000IS has separate triple chamber construction which is able to achieve a noise level of approximately 60 dB at rated load.
What's in The Box
  • Super Quiet Light Weight Inverter 120/240v Fuel Efficient Generator with iMonitor LCD
  • Owner's Manual
  • 3-Year Limited Factory Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
Model Name EU7000is
Length (Inches/Mm) 47.2/1198.88 (Including Handles)
Width (Inches/Mm) 27.6/701.04
Height (Inches/Mm) 28.4/721.36
Dry Weight (Lbs/Kg) 262/119 (Including The Battery)
Engine Type GX390 (Four-Stroke Engine Technology)
Displacement (Cm3) 389
Net Power Output 11.7 HP (8.7 KW) @ 3,600 Rpm
Starting Method Recoil/Electric
Ignition System Digital CDI With Variable Timing
Fuel Unleaded Gasoline (86 Octane Or Higher)
Maximum Output (VA) 7,000
Rated Output (VA) 5,500
Output Voltage (V) 120/240V
DC Output (VA) Not Equipped
Generation Method Multipolar Inverter System
Noise Level [DB (A)/7 M] 60
Run Time Per Tankful 6.0 Hrs. @ Rated Load, 18 Hrs. @ 1/4 Load
AC Breaker Electronic Protector Built In The Inverter
Oil Alert Equipped (LED Display)
Load Sensing Revolution Control Equipped (Eco-Throttle)
Governor System Electronic Governor
Voltage Selection Switch Equipped

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
La mejor invercion de vida.

Compre este generador para la tormenta maria y a sido la mejor invercion que e hecho estoy satisfecho en todos los sentidos.brutal sela recomiendo a ojos serrados 200%de satisfacion.

Fantastic machine

Arrived in 6 days in NC, extremely well packaged. I picked it up from the local R&L carrier depot to prevent them from having to make a residential delivery. Put on the wheels, threw some oil and gas in it, hooked up the battery, and it fired right up!
This thing is amazing. While it was running, I put my hand on the unit and called my Dad - he said he couldn't even hear it running. I then tested it out with my 240V vacuum and it didn't skip a beat.

For use in a residential business, this machine will set you apart from the guys running harbor freight stuff. You'll get called back again and again because you don't make a bunch of noise in the neighborhood. Worth every penny!

Great generator

I bought this generator to move the whole house in a residential neighborhood and it has been a sound saver. Very quiet and very potent with the additional protection of an inverter. I have owned honda products before even though they are expensive they have lasted a long time. Also Electric Generator Depot is a great company and shipped the item on time and for a great price.

It is a Honda from the Electric Generator Depot!!

Outstanding generator, great price, quick delivery, excellent packaging!! Can't ask for more! Thanks!

Exceptional quality, very quiet, economical

The Honda EU7000is is exceptional. The power output is very clean for my programming computers that are sensitive. I have a transfer switch for the house for 240V input. This generator/inverter easily runs the microwave, refrigerators, HVAC fan (home is natural gas heated and fan is about 400W running). We have LED lights mostly, a few florescent buls and no incandescent bulbs. The lighting is wonderful in the whole house with very little power load. 8500BTU window air condition starts and cycles with no problem, running watts 700W. In econ mode, the Honda idles down to around 2200RPM and under demand, I never saw it go beyond 3400RPM. It handles burst demand without any flickering. The GX390 engine has plenty of power to quickly rev to higher RPM as needed matched to the generator head. The low noise level is amazing. The closed housing of the unit itself is a big part of the noise reduction along with a fantastic muffler.

I changed the oil at 15 hours of break-in in econ mode, mostly 2250RPM. Engine is breaking in nicely and had super-fine metallic break-in in the oil which is normal but less than you'd expect on a new engine. I'll change the oil again after it's 2nd tank of gas and switch to Mobil 1 10W30 synthetic when engine oil shows the engine is through its break-in period.

I highly recommend this inverter/generator because of superb fuel economy with fuel injection on this GX390. I stopped at 15 hours to change break-in oil and it ran another 3 hours to empty. You will not get anywhere near this 5.1 gallon run time on a non-inverter carburetor fueled generator that runs at 3600RPM all the time. Worth the money and it will last for many years with occasional maintenance.